BREAKING NEWS: Virginia Firearms Freedom Act Is Set To Die

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Word came today that anti-gun Senator Marsh, Chairman of the Courts of Justice Committee, has sent ALL gun bills, including HB69, the Virginia Firearms Freedom Act, to an anti-gun subcommittee to die.

The subcommittee's membership leaves little doubt about the fate of HB69 and most other pro-gun bills. Sending the bills to a subcommittee takes advantage of a new practice of the Senate to allow the smaller group of senators to kill bills without requiring a vote of the full committee. For years the Senate has criticised the House for operating under such rules and failing to give its proposals the consideration of full committees. Yet they have decided to adopt a similar practice this year. This will ensure the bills will be killed by senators from safe districts, whose voting history on gun issues is well established. It spares Democrats on the full committee who sometimes vote for such bills a tough vote that could hurt their reelection efforts.

The members of that sub-committee are:

Senator Linda T. Puller (D) anti-gun
Senator Janet D. Howell (D) anti-gun
Senator L. Louise Lucas (D) anti-gun
Senator Henry L. Marsh III (D) anti-gun
Senator Frederick M. Quayle (R) pro-gun

Courts Committee Chairman Henry Marsh (D) denied protecting Senate voting records was a motivation for creating the subcommittee. Instead, he said he was aiming to "expedite" the work of the committee. Without sending the bills to subcommittee, he said the committee would not be able to complete its docket this year.

You are not receiving a suggested script for this one folks. The anti-gun members of this subcommittee are deeply intrenched and have never before been swayed to vote in favor of gun rights.

But elections give us an opportunity to inflict pain and bad politicians can be voted out of office. What is left for us to do is replace them with pro-2nd amendment legislators when the 2011 election rolls around.

Since the LEADERSHIP of the Senate is controlled by anti-gun Democrats, the only way to stop the Senate leadership from continuing to play games with our rights is to take them out of power.

If we can replace just three anti-gun Democrats with pro-gun patriots, we can win back the control of Senate in 2011 with legislators who take their oath of office to protect our constitutional rights seriously.

The special subcommittee is scheduled to meet Thursday.